Grey & Black Washable Rugs for Sale

Elevate your home decor with the sleek, versatile style of our black and grey washable area rugs. Expertly crafted from recycled materials for quality that actually lasts, enjoy refined and contemporary elegance with a grey and black rug.

Rave Reviews

Hear from our satisfied customers who have transformed their homes with our washable rugs. Their experiences speak to the quality and beauty of our products.


I got this for my living room for under my coffee table. The colors cannot be more on point! My living room is a bunch of different colors of browns tans and different blues. This rug could not be more perfect! I am so so happy with my purchase and the fact that I can wash it is amazing! It came folded, so I threw it in my dryer, and the wrinkles came right out! Amazing purchase, and I am so so happy!

Kristyn Thomas

Versatile. I’ve put it in my living room and now I’m my bedroom.
So pretty. It improves the look of the room so much!
And it’s really easy to clean -my kids have destroyed rugs so fast in the past but I’ve had this one for months and I’ve never had any problems cleaning it. The rug is not “fluffy” so I sweep the crumbs and whatnot off the rug very easily and wiping stains is also super easy.

Abdullah H.

Placed this in the living room after an unfortunate chocolate milk incident on my old rug. This brought in some much needed color to the very grey room. Immediately after putting it down, we had an unfortunate kool-aid incident. No stains, easy to wash, good as new! Only issue is it is thin and a bit slick. If you’re putting it freestanding in a room (not under couches or a table) get some rug stickers or grips to prevent it from bunching.


The rug looks great. Like that it's washable, although haven't washed it yet. It is a bit wrinkled out of the box but flattens out over time. Would recommend.

Keith P.

I had a standard shag rug before, but grew tired of not being able to thoroughly vacuum it. I decided to get this rug because it was a excellent price considering the size. It is also perfect for my livingroom color palate. The rug colors are actually a bit more vibrant in "person", which usually isn't the case for an online purchase. The quality is great as well.


Omg. It came EARLY!! Thank you so much for getting it here early! I love it.
Haven’t had to wash it yet. But I’m sure it will be just fine. Thank you thank you!


This rug is gorgeous in my breakfast nook. It is made from the softest, thickest, machine washable material. The colors are amazingly vibrant! It arrived folded so the corners stay down, and inside the package was a handwritten thank you note. I will purchase from this company again!

Stephanie Tatum

The Modern Appeal of Black and Grey

The Modern Appeal of Black and Grey

Design Your Perfect Room

Add contemporary beauty to your home with one of our chic black and grey washable rugs:

  • Living Room

    Living Room

    Ground your space with a bold black rug underfoot or layer multiple monochrome rugs for depth.
  • Bedroom


    Wake up to peaceful style with an abstract grey rug beside your bed for zen vibes.
  • Kitchen


    Define your culinary space with a smart graphic print runner that handles messes beautifully.
  • Bathroom


    Introduce spa-worthy style with plush shag or cotton chenille bath rugs in sleek charcoal.
  • Outdoors/Patios


    Entertain in refined style on fade and water-resistant black patterned patio rugs.

FAQ About Our Black Washable Rugs

  • What's the average size for a child's bedroom rug?

    In most kids' rooms a 4x6 or 5x7 rug beside the bed anchors furniture nicely, leaving plenty of clear floor space for playing or extra bedding during sleepovers.
  • Should rugs go under the couch legs or just under the front?

    Rugs can either go under the entire couch leaving some margins or just the front legs. Allow at least 18-24 inches of clearance at the front where you enter and exit for best functionality.
  • My room has an awkward floor plan - what are my best rug options?

    Consider oval, octagon, or round rug shapes to accent oddly angled walls and spaces instead of standard rectangles. These shapes add flexibility.
  • How can I layer rugs in an open floor plan with different seating areas?

    Zone spaces by size - place larger foundation rugs under bigger furniture groupings and use smaller accent rugs to highlight individual chairs or secondary seating vignettes.