Washable Rugs by Style: Explore Your Unique Design Vibe

Looking for a rug that's as unique as you are? At GLN Rugs, we get it – your home is a reflection of your personality. That's why we've curated a collection of washable rugs that let you express your individual style without any of the worry. Whether you're drawn to bold patterns, artistic designs, or classic styles, we've got the perfect rug to complete your space. And the best part? They're all machine-washable, so spills and messes are a breeze to clean up.

Explore Our Washable Rug Styles

  • Geometric Washable Rugs

    Geometric Washable Rugs

    If you love clean lines, eye-catching patterns, and a modern vibe, our geometric rugs will add a touch of structure and personality to any room. From simple stripes to intricate designs, we've got the perfect geometric rug to match your style.
  • Abstract Washable Rugs

    Abstract Washable Rugs

    Embrace your artistic side with our abstract washable rugs. These rugs are like pieces of art for your floor, featuring unexpected colors, bold patterns, and unique designs that are sure to make a statement.
  • Scandinavian Washable Rugs

    Scandinavian Washable Rugs

    Channel the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian design with our cozy and stylish washable rugs. These rugs feature simple patterns, clean lines, and a calm color palette that will bring a sense of peace to your home.
  • Moroccan Washable Rugs

    Moroccan Washable Rugs

    Add a touch of exotic flair to your decor with our Moroccan-inspired washable rugs. These rugs feature intricate geometric patterns, rich colors, and a hint of bohemian charm that will transport you to another world.
  • Vintage Washable Rugs

    Vintage Washable Rugs

    Bring a bit of history and timeless elegance into your home with our vintage-inspired washable rugs. These rugs feature faded hues, intricate patterns, and a unique character that will add a touch of warmth and personality to your space.

Find Your Perfect Rug Style, Room by Room

  • Living Room

    Living Room

    • Geometric:

      Anchor your seating area with a modern geometric rug, creating a sophisticated focal point that ties your décor together.

    • Abstract:

      Add a touch of playful energy and visual interest with an abstract rug that complements your furniture and décor.

    • Scandinavian:

      Bring a sense of calm and airiness to your living room with a minimalist Scandinavian rug in muted colors and subtle patterns.

    • Vintage:

      The warmth and character of a vintage-inspired rug, weaves a story into your living space and complements your existing décor.

  • Dining Room

    Dining Room

    • Geometric:

      These geometric designs will bring definition to your dining area, adding modern elegance that pairs beautifully with your table and chairs.

    • Moroccan:

      A vibrant Moroccan rug will introduce global sophistication to your dining area, bringing warmth and an alluring exotic touch.

    • Vintage:

      Create a timeless and elegant dining atmosphere with a vintage rug that adds a touch of history and sophistication.

  • Bedroom


    • Abstract:

      Express your unique style with an abstract rug that adds a pop of personality and color to your bedroom.

    • Scandinavian:

      Create a serene and relaxing retreat in your bedroom with a Scandinavian rug in soft textures and calming hues.

    • Vintage:

      Let a vintage rug express your style in your bedroom with warmth and comfort, while evoking a nostalgic charm.

  • Entryway or Hallway

    Entryway or Hallway

    • Geometric:

      Greet your guests with a geometric runner that guides them into your home and adds a visual focal point.

    • Moroccan:

      Make a bold first impression with a Moroccan rug featuring rich colors and intricate patterns that welcome visitors with a sense of warmth.

    • Vintage:

      Add a touch of history and charm to your entryway or hallway with a vintage rug that sets the tone for your entire home.

The Perfect Size & Shape for Every Style

At GLN Rugs, we understand that every room is unique. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit your needs:

  • Sizes: From small accent rugs (2'x3', 3'x5') to large area rugs (8'x10', 9'x12'), we have a rug for every space.
  • Shapes: Choose from classic rectangular rugs, space-defining runners, and eye-catching round rugs to complement your chosen style and room layout.

No matter your style or space constraints, our selection of durable, stain-resistant, and machine-washable rugs makes it easy to find the perfect fit.

FAQs About Washable Rugs by Style

  • What if I love multiple styles?

    No worries! There are no rules when it comes to expressing your style. Feel free to mix and match different rug styles to create a look that's uniquely you. For example, try layering a smaller vintage rug on top of a larger geometric rug for a fun, eclectic vibe. Or, combine abstract and Scandinavian styles for a space that's both playful and serene.
  • Can I change my rug style if my décor changes?

    Absolutely! That's one of the best things about our washable rugs. They're easy to switch out whenever you want to refresh your décor or try a new look. Since they're a breeze to clean and care for, you can experiment with different styles as often as you like, without any of the hassle.